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Being a member of NSC is the most effective best way of helping us sustain our solidarity with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements working to build a more sustainable future while at the same confronting Covid-19, the climate crisis and US destabilisation.

In all our solidarity with the Agricultural Co-operative Union SOPPEXCCA and the Nicaraguan Rural Workers Association (ATC) we will reflect the climate related challenges they face, what they themselves are doing against enormous odds to ‘cool the planet’,  and why climate, social and economic justice are inextricably interconnected.  This includes promoting food sovereignty, agroecology, and social transformation that is rooted in protecting people and the planet.

In the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow in November, we will continue networking with UK based climate coalitions; producing videos and hosting webinars; expanding social media outreach; fundraising for ATC projects; publishing articles, briefings and our magazine Nicaragua Now and sponsoring delegations to Nicaragua.  The highlight of this year will be a speaker tour of the UK in the autumn by a representative of the ATC.

As a membership organisation entirely dependent on affiliations, donations and our own fundraising activities, your political and financial support is extremely important in enabling us to maintain and grow our UK – Nicaragua solidarity work with small-scale farmers and their communities in Nicaragua.

As an NSC member, you will receive our annual magazine Nicaragua Now and regular updates of news from Nicaragua, as well as information on our solidarity activities in the UK and how you can get involved.



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