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Being a member of NSC is the most effective best way of helping us sustain our solidarity with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements working to build a more sustainable future while at the same confronting Covid-19, war related disruptions to food supplies, the climate crisis and US destabilisation.

In all our solidarity with the Agricultural Co-operative Union SOPPEXCCA and the Nicaraguan Rural Workers Association (ATC), we reflect the climate-related challenges they face, what they themselves are doing against enormous odds to ‘cool the planet’, and why climate, social and economic justice are inextricably interconnected. This includes promoting food sovereignty, agroecology and social transformation rooted in protecting people and the planet.

Since 2019 we have been working in solidarity with the ATC (a member organisation of the global movement of peasant farmers and indigenous peoples, La Via Campesina) that advocates for food sovereignty and agroecology.

After two years of ‘remote’ solidarity through publications, videos,  webinars, and workshops at events, in October 2022 year NSC co-ordinated a ten day speaker tour by two ATC representatives, which included visits to farms and semi-urban community initiatives in London, Bristol and Birmingham.

The direct personal contact with farmers, academics, solidarity activists, trade unionists and member organisations of the Landworkers Alliance, building mutual solidarity, was an inspiration for all involved.

As a membership organisation entirely dependent on affiliations, donations and our own fundraising activities, your political and financial support is extremely important in enabling us to maintain and grow our UK – Nicaragua solidarity work with small scale farmers and their communities in Nicaragua.

In a world polarised by the pandemic, war related disruptions to food supplies, and the climate crisis, the work of organisations such as SOPPEXCCA and the Rural Workers Association is exemplary.

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  • details of delegations and brigades to Nicaragua
  • opportunities to support our fundraising by working at festivals such as Glastonbury in exchange for free entry and other perks


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