Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Harvesting maize

No to agribusiness, yes to agroecology

Our Nicaraguan partner organisation, the Rural Workers Association (ATC), is a member organisation of La Via Campesina (LVC), a global movement of millions of peasants (small scale farmers) and indigenous peoples.

Transnational agribusinesses have turned food production and consumption into one of the greatest hazards for people and the planet. A small number of companies control everything from seeds to supermarkets; they provide food for only 30% of the world’s population but use 75-90% of land, water and fossil  fuels related to agriculture.

LVC argues that Covid-19 and the climate crisis have exposed the profound dangers that this globalised food system and unsustainable capitalism pose to life in all its forms.

But LVC is not just about denouncing agribusiness but also about building an alternative model, one that is based on growing  healthy local food, but also includes food sovereignty, climate justice, and social transformation.

This briefing looks at how this is implemented in Nicaragua through the work of the ATC.

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