For social, economic and environmental justice in Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is the leading organisation in the UK supporting peace and progress for the people of Nicaragua. We work with Nicaraguan organisations fighting for social, economic and environmental justice, and promote public understanding in the UK of Nicaragua’s battle against poverty.

Bristol funded pre-school in Puerto Morazan named after revolutionary hero

At the end of April, the 10th pre-school funded by Bristol Friends of Morazan was inaugurated in the community of Luis Andino, an event  attended by the children, families, friends...

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9 May 2022

Community building: involving the next generation

Dolores Esquivel is a founder member of the Gloria Quintanilla women’s co-operative. Winnie Narvaez interviewed her about the integration of young people into the co-op, community building as a bottom...

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25 April 2022

Ending the myth of eternalism on a planet with limited resources

‘We need a change of mindset, from one of transforming nature to one of transforming ourselves.’ Dr Paul Oquist, former Minister-Private Secretary for National Policy,  Nicaraguan representative to UN agencies...

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22 April 2022

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