For social, economic and environmental justice in Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is the leading organisation in the UK supporting peace and progress for the people of Nicaragua. We work with Nicaraguan organisations fighting for social, economic and environmental justice, and promote public understanding in the UK of Nicaragua’s battle against poverty.

Climate Justice: the Nicaragua perspective

Thousands of events will be taking place around the UK  during the Great Big Green Week 18 - 26 September. Find out how you can get involved locally! Nicaragua is but...

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18 September 2021

Masaya: from a city under siege to a city with hope for the future

Patricia Ruiz, who lives in Masaya, reports on her perceptions of government and local council initiatives to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in a city that suffered...

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13 September 2021

Mutual support & solidarity, the experience of a community co-ordinator

Massiel Luna Delgado writes about her experiences as a community organiser in a barrio (neighbourhood) of Managua, building mutual support networks based on solidarity. Today's world is complex and messed up....

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7 September 2021

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