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Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is proud to work in solidarity with Nicaraguan co-operatives, associations and communities working for social, environmental and economic justice. Through your generous contribution, NSC will continue to work with Nicaraguan grassroots organisations in 2021.

This is a critical time for Nicaragua, the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean and a country at the forefront of the climate crisis. As Nicaragua recovers from the devastation caused by Hurricane Eta and weathers the COVID-19 pandemic, our Nicaraguan partners continue to advocate for social, environmental and economic justice at national and international levels.

NSC needs your help in supporting this vital work. As an independently funded charity, NSC depends on the support of donations, affiliations and our own fundraising activities. With intensifying US sanctions, political unrest and the Nicaraguan presidential election anticipated in November 2021, it is as critical as ever for the international community to stand in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people to defend their sovereignty.

Through these tumultuous times, NSC is expanding campaigning for 2021. NSC works in solidarity with Nicaraguan social movements through fundraising for their work, hosting webinars, expanding social media outreach, facilitating speaker tours (either in-person or virtual), sponsoring delegations to Nicaragua, producing briefings and our annual magazine Nicaragua Now, and much more.

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Stories from the grassroots: a platform for young Nicaraguan reporters

Appeal for funds


From an article by Massiel Luna Delgado, a member of a network of young volunteer Nicaraguan community reporters:

“For many people from more wealthy areas, the world of the barrios is a distant, hostile and even scary place. However, for those of us who grew up and live in barrios, these are the places where we all know each other, the places where there are no secrets because people have natural journalistic insights.

These places are full of living and forgotten histories, legends and a ghost or two, like the mythical ‘monkey’, the magical being that scares people.

The living history may also include the girl selling bananas; the woman selling tortillas and ready cooked beans; the man who seems to live on the pavement repairing televisions; the historical combatant who as a young girl worked in the kitchen, feeding the local platoon and who remains respected by all.”

These “living histories” reflect the reality of Nicaragua’s most marginalised communities, those most impacted by the multiple crises of poverty, US sanctions, Covid, hurricanes and other climate related emergencies.

This year NSC is reflecting the voices of young Nicaraguans and perspectives from the grassroots as our main area of work. These paint a vivid picture of the challenges and successes in their daily lives in their communities and organisations but because of Covid restrictions, we can’t invite any of them to the UK at the moment.

We are hoping to do that next year, but in the meantime NSC is working with a network of young volunteer Nicaraguan community reporters enabling them to share their experiences nationally and internationally through articles, photos and videos.

Read some of our articles

It’s a great start but we need funds to develop this work further with a view to inviting some of these young people to the UK next year to share their stories in person and continue to develop mutual solidarity.


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