Story telling from the grassroots: freedom of expression for young Nicaraguan reporters


An appeal for funds

Dear NSC supporter,

With your support, at the end of 2021, NSC initiated a four month pilot project with a network of young Nicaraguan reporters.

The project promoted ‘living histories’ reflecting the reality of life in Nicaragua’s most marginalised communities, stories that paint a vivid picture of the challenges and successes in their own daily in the context of their communities and organisations.

It provided an opportunity to interview people and give recognition to the fact that what they have to say matters, a direct link to Nicaraguans themselves talking about their own truth, their own reality.

The project involved a network of 15 people based in different parts of Nicaragua, a mixture of young reporters and solidarity activists who have lived in Nicaragua for a number of years.

The NSC staff and volunteers translated and edited 25 of these stories and posted them on our website and social media. In addition, the stories were published and disseminated more widely on other platforms in both English and Spanish.

A review of the initiative concluded how successful it was in generating stories which are never told in the mainstream media and giving the opportunity to budding young Nicaraguan journalists to develop their skills.

But the pilot had a limited budget and came to an end – now we want to continue the work and put in place measures to make sure it is sustainable. So NSC is asking for your help in providing funds to bring the truth to light in the jungle of distorted, decontextualized and manipulated media coverage.

We understand what difficult times we are all living in, but we would ask you to please give as much as you can to support this valuable project and NSC’s work.

To read some of the articles written in 2021/2 by young reporters see  HERE


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