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Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is proud to work in solidarity with Nicaraguan co-operatives, associations and communities working for social, environmental and economic justice. Through your generous contribution, NSC will continue to work with Nicaraguan grassroots organisations in 2021.

This is a critical time for Nicaragua, the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean and a country at the forefront of the climate crisis. As Nicaragua recovers from the devastation caused by Hurricane Eta and weathers the COVID-19 pandemic, our Nicaraguan partners continue to advocate for social, environmental and economic justice at national and international levels.

NSC needs your help in supporting this vital work. As an independently funded charity, NSC depends on the support of donations, affiliations and our own fundraising activities. With intensifying US sanctions, political unrest and the Nicaraguan presidential election anticipated in November 2021, it is as critical as ever for the international community to stand in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people to defend their sovereignty.

Through these tumultuous times, NSC is expanding campaigning for 2021. NSC works in solidarity with Nicaraguan social movements through fundraising for their work, hosting webinars, expanding social media outreach, facilitating speaker tours (either in-person or virtual), sponsoring delegations to Nicaragua, producing briefings and our annual magazine Nicaragua Now, and much more.

Join us in supporting Nicaraguan social movements – donate today!

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Appeal to Support NSC Climate Justice Campaigning 

In November 2020, two catastrophic hurricanes struck Nicaragua within the span of two weeks. The increased frequency and intensity of climate extremes such as hurricanes is a consequence of the climate crisis, and countries of the Global South are bearing the brunt of a crisis for which they are least responsible. Nicaragua, the second most impoverished country in the Americas (after Haiti), is in one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change impacts.

While Nicaragua is among the most affected, Nicaraguans are also at the forefront of demanding real change, asserting a vision and taking action for a just and habitable future. By working in solidarity with Nicaraguan social movements and raising awareness in the UK of the situation in Nicaragua, NSC is working to strengthen international solidarity and action for climate, social and economic justice.

This November, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) will take place in Glasgow and has been described by UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres as a “critical milestone in international efforts to combat a climate catastrophe.”

As one country at the forefront of this catastrophe, the Nicaraguan government is demanding a much greater sense of urgency, ambition and action on the part of the largest polluters, as well as reparations for countries of the Global South most affected by the climate crisis for which they bear least responsibility. At the same time, Nicaraguans continue to organise locally and internationally to advocate and implement climate resilient food production that protects people and the environment.

This is a pivotal moment in the struggle for a habitable planet and a just future. In the lead up to COP26, we are organising webinars and publishing information on food sovereignty, agroecology and climate justice. We are co-ordinating a speaker tour of the UK by a representative of the Nicaraguan Rural Workers’ Association (ATC), an organisation at the forefront of real change as a member organisation of La Via Campesina. Join us and millions of people globally in calling for urgent action and accountability for the US, UK and other major polluters. Please donate today!


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