Who we are

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is the leading organisation in the UK supporting peace and progress for the people of Nicaragua. We work with Nicaraguan organisations fighting for social, economic and environmental justice, and promote public understanding in the UK of Nicaragua’s battle against poverty.

Our solidarity

Solidarity is about mutuality of values, common understandings, friendships, and uniting to fight national and international injustices.

Through more than four decades of profound political change in Nicaragua, the UK and globally, NSC has facilitated deep  bonds of mutual solidarity between UK and Nicaraguan organisations struggling against enormous odds to build a society based on social, economic and environmental justice, free from outside interference.

The essence of solidarity is political and moral support, and mutual learning, above all the feeling of not being alone.

Our structure

NSC is a membership organisation with around 400 individual members throughout the UK. UK twin towns and local groups are affiliated to NSC, but they are autonomous and have their own structures and partner organisations in Nicaragua.

Our Annual General Meeting elects a Board of Trustees made up of a chair, treasurer and up to 13 other members.

NSC has four part-time staff and a national office in London.

NSC is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Company registration number: 2093384. Registered office: 86 Durham Rd, London N7 7DT

NSC is also a charity, registered in September 2004. Charity number: 1106881 Registered office: 86 Durham Rd, London N7 7DT

Our funding

Our main sources of funding are affiliations, donations, sales, raffles, appeals, sponsored events, Spanish classes and other activities. This means that our UK – Nicaragua solidarity work is dependent on the commitment of our members and supporters, donors, participants in our Spanish classes, sponsored events and volunteers. 

UK–Nicaragua trade union solidarity is carried out through our sister organisation, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group (NSCAG).

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