Nicaragua Now

Our magazine Nicaragua Now, published annually, contains articles on developments in Nicaragua and news of Nicaragua-UK solidarity activities carried out by NSC, our sister organisation NSCAG, and UK twin towns and local groups.

Nicaragua Now 11, Autumn, 2020

Nicaragua has suffered not just one but three major blows in two years: the failed coup in 2018, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the intensification of US sanctions.

What is it about the country that enables it to not only withstand such pressures, but also to maintain its commitment to poverty reduction and infrastructure development, and to play a leading role internationally in advocating for far more radical measures to combat the climate crisis?

This issue also explains how the Nicaraguan Rural Workers Association (ATC) is developing agroecology as a tool for social and political transformation; the way in which the social economy has sustained Nicaragua through crises; and the example of Sandinismo over four decades from the perspective of trade unions.

Nicaragua Now also features news of NSC and NSCAG’s solidarity work in the UK, continuing solidarity with trade unions and social movements such as the ATC.


Nicaragua Now 10, Summer, 2019

40 years of UK–Nicaragua Solidarity

The overthrow of the Somoza dictatorship by Sandinista forces in 1979 was a defining event in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as globally.

Nicaragua became a beacon of hope regionally and internationally. In Latin America, the Sandinista Revolution represented the fulfilment of dreams that had been brutally destroyed in a CIA-backed coup in Chile six years previously.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world participated in a global movement to support the Sandinista Revolution and to condemn US aggression: NSC, set up in 1978, was one such group.

This publication tells the story of the tens of thousands of people in the UK, particularly in the labour movement, who have contributed to sustaining solidarity through four decades of profound political change in Nicaragua, the UK and globally.

This publication is dedicated to the Nicaraguan organisations we have worked with, and their struggle against enormous odds to build a society based on social and economic justice, free from outside interference.


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