What we do

Since 1978, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has been the leading organisation in the UK supporting peace and progress for the people of Nicaragua. We work with Nicaraguan organisations fighting for social, economic and environmental justice, and promote public understanding in the UK of Nicaraguaā€™s battle against poverty.

Solidarity is about mutuality of values, common understandings, friendships, and uniting to fight national and international injustices.

Since 1978 we have co-ordinated more than fifty UK speaker tours by representatives of our partner organisations. In this way we build bonds of mutual solidarity between Nicaraguan and UK organisations fighting for social, economic and environmental justice.

For example, organic fair trade coffee farmer Gloria Gonzalez from the Union of Agricultural Co-operatives SOPPEXCCA visited UK to meet fair trade activists, schools, local councils, and businesses. This included a visit to a farmers market where SOPPEXCCA coffee is sold.

Through online and print publications, social media, videos and webinars, we disseminate news and features about Nicaragua, our partner organisations and UKā€“Nicaragua solidarity activities. Our priority is information reflecting the reality and perspectives of our partners.

The work of our main partner, the Nicaraguan Rural Workers Association (ATC) in supportingĀ  sustainable, localised, biodiverse farming practicesĀ  is exemplary.

We organise events to raise awareness about Nicaragua and the work of our partner organisations.

For example, we have collaborated with Friends of the ATC on webinars about agroecology with speakers from the ATC and students from the Latin American Institute for Agroecology (IALA) in Nicaragua.

We also participate in events of UK organisations that are part of the same international movements as our Nicaraguan partners.Ā  In 2019 NSC activists took part in a national demonstration in London organised by the Landworkers Alliance, the UK affiliate of LA Via Campesina.

We collaborate with and provide support for UK organisations that have links with towns, communities and projects in Nicaragua.Ā 

These links, some dating back more than 30 years, have established strong bonds of mutual understanding, friendship, and solidarity between the two countries.

Their activities include raising awareness and funds for education, health and environmental projects; coordinating exchange visits; and organising activities to promote Nicaraguan language and culture.

We raise funds for our work in the UK and that of our Nicaraguan partner organisations.

Our funding comes from affiliations, donations, sales, raffles, appeals, sponsored events, and Spanish courses. Our work depends on the commitment of our members and supporters, donors, volunteers and participants in our Spanish classes and sponsored events.

Since 2002, our runners have taken part in the London Marathon to raise funds for NSC.

We collaborate with other UK-based solidarity organisations and NGOs working in Latin America by organising joint conferences and webinars.Ā 

We participate in the annual Latin America Conferences that brings together hundreds of academics, activists, politicians, writers, journalists, musicians, film makers, and people with an interest in LatinĀ  America.Ā Ā 

Florence Levy, Sandinista member of the Nicaraguaā€™s National Assembly, was a keynote speaker at the Latin America Conference 2017.

Participation in coalitions

We are a member organisation of the Fairtrade Foundation and The Climate Coalition. This gives us an opportunity to promote the perspectives of our partner organisations on issues such as the climate crisis and fair trade.

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