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Nicaraguan elections: why the Sandinistas won so overwhelmingly

NSC works in solidarity with Nicaraguan organisations and social movements fighting for social and economic justice by promoting and seeking support for their activities in the UK.

Wales NSC and 13 groups in England have twinning links or provide support for their partner organisations in Nicaragua.

The social economy:improving the wellbeing of the many

'Our commitment is to continue struggling for the economy of micro, small and medium enterprises and farms while keeping in mind our ultimate goal of... read more

What difference does Fairtrade make? A coffee grower’s story

Junieth Leiva picking coffee

Junieth Leiva will be speaking and participating in events in London and Bristol during Fairtrade Fortnight: 21 – 23 February in London and 23... read more

Climate change disasters, international peace and security

Drought in Nicaragua 2015, according to the Global Climate Risk Index, Nicaragua is among the top ten countries most affected by climate change

Summary of speech by Dr Paul Oquist to the UN Security Council, January 25, 2019. Dr Oquist is the Minister-Private Secretary on National Policies to... read more

Street sellers,trade unionists,contributors to Nicaragua's wealth

Street seller Flor de Maria Avellan is also joint General Secretary of the Confederation of Self Employed Workers

The social economy in Nicaragua is the largest in Latin America, generating 40% of the country’s wealth and representing 90% of the workforce. It is... read more

Violence & human rights violations: a street seller’s story

Street seller Maribel Baldizon at her fruit stall in Managua

For 33 years Maribel Baldizon Garcia has been a self-employed worker selling tropical fruit at a bus stop near the Central America University... read more

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Nicaragua & Fairtrade:empowering women,protecting the environment

Come and hear Junieth Leiva talk about her life as a Fairtrade coffee farmer. She and her family own 3.5 hectares of land where they... read more

Nicaragua Solidarity News January, 2019

Junieth Leiva, Fair trade coffee producer from the co-operative SOPPEXCCA, will be visiting Bristol and London during Fairtrade Fortnight

Our grateful thanks to all our members and supporters for your continued support for our work in solidarity with Nicaragua through the most challenging period... read more

Over 600 people turn out for Latin America Conference

Dr Florence Levy, Nicaragua MP and trade unionist received a standing ovation after her speech to 600 people in a plenary session

The highlight of the conference, attended by over 600 people, was a video message from Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn MP who was... read more

Spanish classes start Monday January 14th 2019

Learn Spanish with a Latin American flavour at Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign! Classes start on MONDAY JANUARY 14th and the term will be 12 weeks.Beginners... read more

NSC news: Two Nicaraguan women to visit the UK

Dr Florence Levy will be a keynote speaker at Latin America conference 1 December

Opportunities to find out first hand what’s happening in Nicaragua In November/December, Nicaraguan National Assembly member, doctor, and trade unionist Dr Florence Levy... read more

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