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Celebrating International Women’s Day: the Gloria Quintanilla Co-operative

This 20 women co-operative, a member organisation of the Rural Workers Association (ATC), is an example of how women organising have  transformed the lives of their whole community.

Based in the rural community of Santa Julia south of Managua, the co-operative was set up in 2008. They grow  bananas, beans, dragon fruit, tomatoes, lemons, coffee and bamboo in an area very vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Food sovereignty, agroecology, land rights, and building an understanding that “men and women are born with equal rights and equal opportunities” are fundamental to the Co-operative’s achievements.

Co-operative leader Eloisa Garcia commented: “We use agroecology because in this way we take care of our farms, our health and (the wellbeing) of future generations.”

Their struggle is an example of hundreds of thousands of communities of peasants and indigenous peoples around the world fighting to transform their communities based on the values of respect for social, economic and environmental justice.

The women of the Gloria Quintanilla Co-operative present a powerful testimony of the fact that another way is possible.

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