Nicaragua Now, Issue 12, Spring 2022

Nicaragua Now, Issue 12, Spring 2022

Food sovereignty, agroecology, climate justice

“We are the ones who feed the world. We provide 70-80% of the food you eat yet our voices are missing. Only the voices of agribusiness are allowed to speak, what we are witnessing is corporate capture of UN systems. Private finance, not governments are making the decisions”.  Land Workers Alliance/La Via Campesina commenting on COP26

This issue of Nicaragua Now looks at the example of the Nicaraguan Rural Workers Association (ATC), a member organisation of La Via Campesina.  As Dionys Melgara from the ATC highlights: “the future of healthy, sustainable agriculture is in the hands of young people and the way forward is through agroecology.’

Find out more about the integration of the next generation into the work of the Gloria Quintanilla women’s co-operative and the technical, political and ideological training being provided by Latin America Agroecology Institute (IALA) Ixim Ulew.

Over the last three years Nicaragua has been through two major hurricanes, the Covid pandemic, and an attempted coup.  Seventy per cent of Nicaraguans are employed in the social economy, a sector that has played a critical role in strengthening communities and preventing the drift to cities and abroad.

Nicaragua Now also features news of NSC and NSCAG’s work in the UK, continuing solidarity with trade unions and social movements such as the ATC.

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