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Event: What difference does it make when the unpaid work of rural women is renumerated in supply chains?

UK – Nicaragua Solidarity Forum: 10 July, 6.30-8pm BST

Despite the crucial role that rural women play in food production globally,  almost nowhere in the world is this role acknowledged let alone renumerated in supply chains. The contribution of women is undervalued, unrecognised and invisible.

But how to address this age old issue in supply chains in a practical way  that not only empowers women but changes dynamics within families, strengthens local economies, and the social fabric?

This is exactly what has been achieved in a pioneering initiative involving  collaboration between a Nicaraguan co-op, the ethical trading company Etico, and the Social Business Network.

A premium that takes into account the unpaid work of women is added to the cost of products: this premium is invested by the co-ops to support vulnerable women, provide training in new skills, and to help women to set up their own enterprises.

The success of this initiative has been validated by the University of Nottingham who have also highlighted the potential for replicating this model in other parts of Latin America and elsewhere.

This Forum will also celebrate the life of Florentina Perez on the third month since her passing, using her example to exemplify the role women play in production, community, solidarity & evolution.

Introduced by Rachel Wallace and Nick Hoskyns, Etico

Followed by a short video about the initiative made by the University of Nottingham & plenty of time for questions and discussion.

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Click here for an article by the University of Nottingham about the success of the initiative and a call for it to be replicated elsewhere

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