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Bristol funded pre-school in Puerto Morazan named after revolutionary hero

At the end of April, the 10th pre-school funded by Bristol Friends of Morazan was inaugurated in the community of Luis Andino, an event  attended by the children, families, friends and special guests.

The school takes the name of Jose Isidro Dominguez, a young man from the community who lost his life in the revolutionary struggle [of the 1980s] to keep Nicaragua free.

As Friends of Morazan representative Gioconda Perez pointed out at the inauguration, without Jose’s sacrifice, ‘Friends of Morazan would definitely not be building preschools in Nicaragua today.’

The construction of the school involved a partnership with the Ministry of Education (MINED), the local mayor and his team who donated the land and cleared the site, and families and volunteers who contributed their time and energy to support the building team.

Addressing a message to the children present, Giaconda explained how Jose was not able to achieve his dreams but ‘we hope that you can use this preschool as the first stepping stone to achieving your dreams.’

‘ Jose never lived to see how Nicaragua has developed as a free and sovereign country but he is here today with us in spirit and we know he would want you all to celebrate the Jose Isidro Dominguez preschool.’

“Viva Nicaragua.”

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