Nicaragua organic Fairtrade coffee farmer visits London

Nicaraguan Fairtrade coffee farmer Gloria Talavera visited London 20 – 22 February as a guest of the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.

Gloria belongs to the Union of Agricultural Co-operatives (UCA) SOPPEXCCA which has 650 members producing organic Fairtrade coffee for export and organic cacao, fruit and vegetables for local consumption.

Women from the co-operative sell their fruit and vegetables on a stall in the local town.

The fact that their sell their coffee through Fairtrade means that they receive a guaranteed price and a social premium. The benefits are not only for the members of the co-operatives but also for the whole community. The results are very clear: the community now has electric power, roads and drinking water.

For SOPPEXCCA Fairtrade means more resources to protect the environment, to diversify crops and to strengthen their co-operatives in the face of the climate emergency and threats from transnational companies.

Gloria is visiting London, Bristol and Bath to take part in Fairtrade Fortnight activities: cafes and other outlets that sell SOPPEXCCA coffee, talks in schools, colleges, and universities promoting Fairtrade.

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