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Tens of thousands celebrate 35th anniversary of the Revolution

News from Nicaragua | Monday, 21 July 2014 |

Tens of thousands of Nicaraguans turned out on Saturday 19 July to mark the 35th anniversary of overthrow of the 46 year Somoza dictatorship by the Sandinista forces.

Cuban vice president Ramiro Valdes highlighted the importance of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution in starting a long path of transformation. He went on to congratulate the Sandinista government on its achievements since 2007 in terms of economic growth, job creation, social programmes, public safety and poverty reduction.

Messages from Fidel and Raul Castro highlighted the critical importance of Nicaragua in anti imperialist struggles and the role played by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro congratulated the Nicaraguan government for its decision to move forward with the construction of the Nicaraguan interoceanic canal.

President Daniel Ortega spoke about the material advances in health and education, the construction of road, the rights of young people, and the participation of Nicaragua people in practical solidarity.

Also present at the celebration were the FMLN president of El Salvador Salvador Sánchez Cerén, Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras and the president of the parliament of Ecuador Gabriela Rivadeneira.