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Rural Workers Association (ATC) delegation to Nicaragua

NSC News | Thursday, 11 July 2019 |

NSC will be joining this US delegation organised by Friends of the ATC 11 - 20 July to find about the history and current context of Nicaragua through the eyes of the rural workers and co-operatives, members of the ATC.

The group will be meeting with organisations in rural and urban areas learning about the role of trade unions cooperatives - especially women, and young people - in building Nicaragua’s social economy, agroecology, food sovereignty and national sovereignty.

The delegation will focus on learning and recovering the rich history of international solidarity with Nicaragua. During their stay the group will meet with participants from two other US delegations - Veterans for Peace and the Jubilee House Community - to exchange experiences with people and organizations who have been inovolved in solidarity with Nicaragua for over 40 years.

Collecting testimonies will be a key focus of the delegation, testimonies of those whose perspectives have been completely ignored by the international media.

The highlight of the visit will be joining thousands of Nicaraguans in Managua to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution on July 19th.

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