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Agroecology, returning to the earth what we take from it

NSC News | Friday, 29 March 2019 |

Students of the agroecology training school (IALA), Nicaragua

Students of the agroecology training school (IALA), Nicaragua


The Rural Workers Association (ATC) in Nicaragua is a member organisation of La Via Campesina , an international movement of two million small scale farmers committed to agriculture that promotes agroecology, food sovereignty and social justice.

Marlen Sanchez and Blanca Ruiz discuss the principles of agroecology and how it is being implemented through the Rural Workers Association (ATC) in Nicaragua.

How does agroecology challenge the colonialist assumptions of conventional farming not only in theory but also in practice?

What is the Latin America Agroecology Institute (IALA) in Nicaragua and how is it involving young people?

How are rights to land, to access to water, to the use of local seeds and to food sovereignty integrated into IALA’s work?

Why is fighting for political, economic and social justice so integral to agroecology?

Find out by watching this video