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Nicaragua, Climate Change and Fair Trade

NSC News | Monday, 11 December 2017 |

Ripe coffee berries

Ripe coffee berries

“Every cup of Fair Trade coffee you drink contributes to protecting a forest”

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign’s briefing looks at the effects of climate change on the country’s small scale coffee farmers and describes how Fair Trade is enabling them to adapt to the effects, while also raising living standards.

The farmers also contribute to mitigating climate change through growing their coffee under the canopy of the forest.

Through growing high quality coffee sold through Fair Trade the farmers receive a decent guaranteed price, and the cooperatives get a cash premium to improve living conditions.

The briefing also describes how the Nicaraguan government is offering a model for the world on the shift to green energy - by moving to 90% renewables by 2020.

Link to NSC briefing: Nicaragua, climate change & Fair Trade

Added documents: pdf file Download NSC briefing: Climate change and fair tradepdf file (284 kb)