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Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua

News from Nicaragua | Friday, 25 August 2017 |

Mural in Managua painted by an NSC coffee brigade to Nicaragua

Mural in Managua painted by an NSC coffee brigade to Nicaragua

During the first period of Sandinista government in the 1980s, a remarkable artistic phenomena took place in Nicaragua, the development of a cultural transformation that included a mural movement.

Mural brigades, many including muralists from across the world, painted murals all around the country. These functioned as billboards, not advertising products but ideals: literacy, the right to health care and education, anti-imperialism, national sovereignty, women’s rights, and solidarity.

Over this period art historian David Kunzle visited Nicaragua many times to document over 300 murals and advocate for the Nicaraguan mural movement.

The US backed government that came to power in 1990 set about systematically vandalising and destroying this important artistic and historical heritage, particularly in Managua.

In recognition of the importance of the mural movement not just in Nicaragua but around the world, in 1995 David Kunzle’s ‘The Murals of Revolutionary Nicaragua 1979 - 1992 ’ was published by University of California Press.

The Institute of History of Nicaragua and Central America (IHNCA) has just published an expanded, improved edition of the book in Spanish.


For a full version of this article by John Kutola see http://afgj.org/guest-blog-murals-a-powerful-cultural-manifestion