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Cattle dung to cooking gas

News from Nicaragua | Friday, 30 June 2017 |

In the central Nicaraguan community of Teustepe, twenty cattle owning families are converting cattle poo into cooking gas.

With the help of *NGO Asociación Fénix  each of the  producers, who  own between 4 and 15 head of cattle, has installed a biodigestor which turns animal waste  into  biogas.

The biodigestors are  large plastic tubes that work like a mechanical stomach. In this airtight, oxygen free environment, the  manure is converted  into biogas as it decomposes. One cubic meter provides enough energy for six hours cooking.

The traditional cooking fuel of poor rural families is firewood. Cooking with biogas helps to reduce deforestation  and protects the health of the families by eliminating smoke inhalation from open wood burning stoves.

The by-product of the biodigestor process is a liquid called biol. The farmers don't allow this to go to waste either as it is a rich source of fertiliser  for  plants.   

Asociación Fénix is also working with thirty-eight local schools  where the biol is used as a fertilizer to grow  vegetables to supplement school meals.

*Asociación Fénix is a Nicaraguan NGO that works to improve the living conditions of people living in high to severe poverty in rural areas.  Other projects include micro hydroelectric plants, eco latrines, solar powered water pumps and irrigation systems, wind powered battery chargers, solar powered ovens, and energy efficient wood stoves.