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Overwhelming victory for FSLN in Nicaraguan elections

News from Nicaragua | Tuesday, 8 November 2016 |

With 72% of the vote on a 68% turnout, the FSLN secured a decisive victory in elections for the Presidency and National Assembly on 6 November.

The second placed part the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC) won 15% of the vote, and the Independent Liberal Party (PLI), 4.5%.

Despite a boycott call from critics of the government only 3.5% of the votes were declared null and void.

Raul Obregon, president of the polling organisation M&R consultores, highlighted the exemplary level of civic responsibility and participation including that of young people and women, and praised the fact the peaceful, efficient way in which the elections were carried out.

This overwhelming level of support for the FSLN bears out findings of opinion polls of the last year that indicated that the majority of Nicaraguans have confidence in a government that they perceive as not only making commitments but also delivering on them: economic stability, poverty reduction and safety and security.