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Polls indicate Sandinista victory in elections this Sunday

News from Nicaragua | Thursday, 3 November 2016 |

This Sunday, 6 November, Nicaraguans will elect their president, legislature and representatives to the Central American Parliament. Approximately 3.8 million voters are registered - the voting age is 16 and polls indicate the turnout could be as high as 80%.

Sixteen parties are standing candidates, the first in which all parties must have candidate slates that comply with the legal requirement for gender equity.

According to the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) 5,000 students and teachers, 4,300 human rights defenders, 100 international electoral experts, 30,000 electoral police, and scrutineers from the seven political parties are accompanying the elections to ensure they are free and fair. In addition, a mission from the Organisation of American States (OAS) will be in Nicaragua from 5-7 November.

In the latest poll conducted by M&R consultores and released on 1 November, 65.2% of voters indicate support for the FSLN, 9.5% for opposition parties, while 25.3% define themselves as being independent.

According to M&R consultores polls, the high level of support for the FSLN reflects the confidence of the electorate in a government that has delivered political and economic stability and addressed the real problems the country faces through extensive infrastructure and social programmes.

A key achievement has been improvements in the lives of tens of thousands of people suffering chronic and persistent levels of poverty in the second poorest country in the Americas. Between 2009 and 2014, poverty dropped from 42.5% of the population to 29.6% due to economic stability combined with government infrastructure and social programmes.

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