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FSLN leads polls in run up to November elections

News from Nicaragua | Friday, 12 August 2016 |

The FSLN won the 2011 elections with 60% of the vote

The FSLN won the 2011 elections with 60% of the vote

Elections for the presidency, National Assembly and Nicaraguan members of the Central American parliament will take place on 6 November, two days before the US presidential elections.

On 2 August, current president Daniel Ortega and National Communications Co-ordinator Rosario Murillo registered as presidential and vice presidential candidates for the United Alliance headed by the FSLN.

In addition, the FSLN registered 90 candidates for the National Assembly. In line with Nicaraguan electoral law 50 per cent of the candidates are women.

According to a July poll carried out by M&R consultores between 6 June and 22 July, 60.2% of those surveyed indicated their vote would go to the FSLN, 34.4% were undecided, and 5.4% supported opposition parties. http://www.tortillaconsal.com/tortilla/es/node/18086

The public figures with the highest approval rating were Rosario Murillo and President Daniel Ortega followed by Police Chief Aminta Granera: all had ratings of over 80%.

Respondents indicated high levels of confidence in the army and police which had approval ratings of 87% and 63% respectively.

Seventy – five per cent were optimistic about the state of the economy believing that the financial circumstances of their family are likely to improve over the coming year.

This greater sense of security and wellbeing was also reflected in the decrease in the number of people wanting to leave the country: in August 2007 this stood at 67% while in July 2016 it was 36%.