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Masaya Volcano get its own wifi

News from Nicaragua | Monday, 8 August 2016 |

Credit: John Perry

Credit: John Perry

There have been exciting developments at the Masaya volcano this week as film maker Sam Crossman begins his work setting up wifi equipment that will be used to monitor volcanic activity.

Over the next two to three weeks, Crossman and his team will descend 1,200 feet inside the volcano to install more than 80 sensors that will gather real-time data on atmospheric pressure, gravity, temperature and its variety of different gasses.

The goal according to Crossman is to “create the most effective early warning system in the world that would ultimately be used in communities anywhere who are exposed to similar risks”.

The project is a joint enterprise between General Electric (GE) and Crossman’s media company Qwake. A documentary is also being filmed by National Geographic.

In order to install the necessary equipment the team will wear special, aluminium suits that can withstand the 1,000F temperature of the nearby lava lake.

Once the sensors are in place, the data will be collected on Predix, a GE-owned open-source database, and will be available for anyone to view.

Volcanologist Guillermo Caravantes highlighted the way in which the project has potentially enormous applications for volcanology. He stated: “the long-term goal is to connect all volcanoes… This would be fantastic. Like doctors, we’d be able to monitor the vital signs of volcanoes in real time”.

Keep up to date with the work of the team on social media, or by joining Qwake’s mailing list: http://eepurl.com/b-3dH5