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Canal study uncovers archaeological artefacts

News from Nicaragua | Tuesday, 12 April 2016 | Click here for original article

Ceremics excavated during assessment studies for the Nicaraguan Canal

Ceremics excavated during assessment studies for the Nicaraguan Canal

On 11 March,the HKND Group that holds the concession to build a canal across Nicaragua, handed over another 5,000 pieces to the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture.

This brings to 50,000 the number of pieces discovered during the archaeological studies carried out as part of a social and environmental impact assessment.

A total of 17 archaeological sites were identified, nine of which will be affected by the construction of the canal. Noting the severe limitations of Nicaraguan archaeology studies, Luis Morales, co-director of the Institute, stated: “In this study, we have, for the first time, dates for discovered materials corroborated by Carbon 14 tests”.

The ceramics found suggest continuous occupation from 500 BC to 1550 AD, i.e.from the pre-Columbian to the colonial period.

The finds could expand the knowledge of the social dynamics in the past and thereby increase understanding of Nicaragua’s ancient history.

On March 31,the Institute of Culture held a symposium in Managua on the 50,000 finds from the canal route.

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