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Over 700,000 Nicaraguans involved in mobilisation against Zika

News from Nicaragua | Friday, 5 February 2016 |

Cleaning up rubbish in Managua

Cleaning up rubbish in Managua

According to government spokesperson Rosario Murillo, there have been twenty – nine confirmed cases of the Zika virus in Nicaragua.

Over the last weekend in January over 700,000 Nicaraguans took part in clean up and fumigation programmes in all parts of the country to eliminate mosquito larvae that could potentially be carrying not only the Zika virus but also dengue (which can be fatal) and chikungunya.

Health workers, 150,000 voluntary health promoters (brigadistas) and community activists and medical brigades from the US and Switzerland visited 250,000 homes, and referred people with symptoms of Zika, dengue and Chikungunya to nearby health centres. The teams also visited schools and cleaned up public places.

With outbreaks of Zika reported across the region – the highest number of cases has been in Honduras with 3,700 cases, - representatives of all health ministries met to join forces to create a regional action plan.