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Nicaragua Now Issue 5 Autumn 2015

NSC News | Monday, 26 October 2015 |

The magazine of UK-Nicaragua solidarity

*The benefits and risks of Nicaragua’s inter-oceanic canal.

* What has happened with property claims and reparations related to the Sandinista Revolution and the US-backed contra war? What lessons for Cuba?

* How is Nicaragua addressing the problem of child trafficking?

* What role for international volunteers in supporting young people in Nicaragua to set up businesses?

*Thirty-five years of solidarity research on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast

* Helping to re-activate community development in La Concha

* An inspirational UK speaker tour by Flor de Maria Avellan, street seller and deputy general secretary of the Confederation of Self-Employed Workers (CTCP)

*Solidarity through Fairtrade, community theatre, circus workshops, duck and toilet related fundraising, and developing resources for UK schools