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ALBA alliance denounces US aggression against Venezuela

News from Nicaragua | Friday, 20 March 2015 |

Alba emergency summit Caracas, 17 March,2015

Alba emergency summit Caracas, 17 March,2015

Heads of state of the eleven member Alba alliance met on 17 March to discuss the rapidly escalating aggression by the US against Venezuela.

On 9 March, President Obama issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency because ‘the policies and actions of the Government of Venezuela, constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.’


The US has imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan officials who they accuse of committing human rights abuses.

The Executive order has caused outrage across the whole of the region. As President Nicolas Maduro pointed out at the Alba summit "Venezuela has no plans, did not have, nor will it ever have plans to attack the United States or hurt anyone."

For a copy of an open letter from Nicolas Maduro to the people of the United States published in the New York Times see


Cuban president Raul Castro added that "Our unity is indestructible." The US needs to understand once and for all that it cannot seduce or buy Cuba, just as it cannot intimidate Venezuela".

Bolivian President Evo Morales said that "the US government must understand we are not living in imperial times of the past".

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said that it was the US and not Venezuela which was "a threat to global security, this is not rhetoric, it is reality".

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino questioned what the US, a country which he said "has made torture legal and (...) developed the most powerful mass surveillance system", could teach Latin American nations about human rights.

The final declaration of the Summit rejected the US Executive Order as a violation of the principles of sovereignty and non intervention; called on the US to respect international law regarding the peace resolution of conflicts; called for dialogue between the US and Venezuela as a first step to reducing tensions.

Full Alba statement: http://www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk/news.asp?ItemID=2676