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Dignified housing for destitute families

News from Nicaragua | Monday, 19 January 2015 |

Families moving into new houses in Cuidad Belen

Families moving into new houses in Cuidad Belen

Four hundred and fifty families have received the keys to homes in a new neighbourhood of Managua called Ciudad Belen. A further 1,200 homes in this social housing programme will be ready for occupation by the end of February.

Because of the serious housing shortage in Managua, the families had been living in the ruins of buildings damaged by the 1972 earthquake.

In 2011 over 100 families moved out of the ruins into social housing in Ciudad Sandino, just outside Managua. However, as families have been rehoused new people have moved into the ruins. The structures have now been completely demolished.

The house building programme is part of a broader government commitment to addressing housing problems. This also includes programmes to improve existing housing and subsidised bank loans for low income workers.